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Pizza Forni Capo - Large Outdoor Pizza Oven


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FOR EXCLUSIVE PRICING TEXT OR CALL  AT 1-855-937-2100. (Available for August Delivery) Grandiose, elegant & majestic is how your guest will describe your backyard space once they lay their eyes on the...

Free Standing (With Wheeled Stand)

Pizza Peel Kit

Multi-Cooking System

Vendor: Pizza Forni



(Available for August Delivery)

Grandiose, elegant & majestic is how your guest will describe your backyard space once they lay their eyes on the voluptuous curves of your Pizza Forni Capo Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven and have tasted the delicious pizzas coming out of it.

Carefully handcrafted in Italy by some of the most accomplished metal artisans in Italy, our Pizza Forni’s Capo outdoor wood-fired pizza oven has the capacity to cook up to 4 medium sized pizzas simultaneously in less than 2 minutes. Our Capo model also has the ability to hold an optional cooking grid in which you can cook a wide variety of foods such as chicken, roasts, vegetables and more.

Get yours today and be blessed with the ability to host the most extravagant pizza parties for decades to come.


Cooking chamber dimensions:  60 × 80 cm (24" x 32")

Number of pizzas: 4

Batch of bread: 4 kg (8,8 lbs)

Fuel: Wood

Number of people: 8 to 18

Maximum temperature: 500°C (1000°F)

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The very quick heating times (around 30 minutes) and the low wood consumption (4/8 kilos) make them ideal and funny products for all cooking lovers, both experts and beginners, and let you cook with the same facility both a romantic dinner and parties' menus, in order to spend happy and unforgettable moments with your friends.

 Features :

  • All of our  compact outdoor wood fired pizza ovens are carefully designed with robust materials able to withstand even the harshest exterior conditions, from heavy sunlight, rain to snow. 
  • Optional cooking grid with retractable arm.
  • Optional wheeled stand available. 
  • Optional cover available.
  • Stainless steel 430 cooking chamber and painted steel roof.
  • Perfect insulation with 3.15 inch of wool-rock between the roof and the cooking chamber and double insulation with 1 inch of Scamotek (calcium silicate material for greater insulation)
  • The oven floor is made of 1,2 inches refractory stone preventing downward heat to escape at the bottom.
  • Uniquely patented wood combustion AIR PLUS system for optimal heat distribution and cooking
  • Stainless steel chimney
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Stainless steel front shelf
  • Ergonomic wooden door handle
  • 4 feet design allowing easy use on kitchen counters, tables & other surfaces

     Dimensions :

    Schematic Outdoor Pizza Oven - Four Pizza



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      Free Standing (With Wheeled Stand)

      No, Yes

      Pizza Peel Kit

      No, Yes

      Multi-Cooking System

      No, Yes

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      LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Perfect for the family

      This pizza oven is just the perfect excellent size. Cooks pizzas, 3 or 4 of them at a time if the family is hungry, all within 3 minutes. Would recommend 100%

      Delighted !

      Delighted with our purchase. We love our Clementi Oven. Thank you

      Love it !

      Love this pizza oven! Some assembly required which i don't actually mind doing, i'm quite hands on.. Best pizzas i've ever eaten and i'll find any excuse to fire it up.