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Top 5 Of The Most Underrated Pizza Topping In The Universe

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Top 5 Of The Most Underrated Pizza Toppings In The Universe


Howdy ladies & gents, Gabriel here ! In this week's blog edition, I'm going over what I believe are the top 5 most underrated pizza toppings in the universe. Yes, you read right, pizza is not only popular internationally but also intergalactically. From the Milky Way to Andromeda, people have been feasting on pizzas for eons. 

After sifting through countless peer reviewed pizza studies and heated debates at the intergalactic consortium consulate, we have determined that 5 pizza toppings have been mistakenly underrated. 

I'm sure that you have asked yourself this question before and that it has most likely been haunting you for the past decades that's why today, i'm promising you nothing less than the truth and as a result deliverance. Now keep calm and enjoy my list of the top 5 most underrated pizza toppings in the universe.


#1 Pineapple

Probably the most controversial pizza ingredient of all time, Pineapple has been the object of vigorous protests over human history. Some people find it to be disgusting on a pizza but at Pizza Forni, we kinda dig it !

Adding pineapples to your pizza, not only ads color, but it also ads an incomparable sweetness to it which makes eating it unforgettable. Pineapples go well with ham, bacon, cheese, chicken and much more.


#2 Broccoli

Sometimes called "green florets" but mostly called broccoli, this flashy cruciferous vegetable is one of my personal favorite on a pizza. Not only it is nutrient dense, colorful and nicely shaped, but it pairs ridiculously well with cheeses of all types & white sauces. 


#3 Anchovies

Anchovies are receiving a lot of hate from the general public but we adore them. Only thing you need to make sure when it comes to anchovies is that you need to get high quality ones. 

Go to an Italian grocery shop near you and pick up a jar of high grade marinated anchovies, you'll not regret it. Not only are they mandatory in cesar salads, but they taste absolutely gorgeous on pizzas. The best anchovies shall have the perfect balance between saltiness, freshness & fishiness (in a good way). 


#4 Garlic & Garlic Blossom

Garlic is something we always forget about yet it is one of the most used ingredients in all types of cuisine worldwide. Garlic is amazing with almost everything from chicken to veggies, goes well with white sauces, tomato sauces,  with beef, pork, ect.

We often use it as an ingredient when cooking but it can also be used well as a topping. I personally enjoy entire cloves slowly cooked, aged garlic but most of all fresh green garlic blossoms.


#5 Black Olives

Black Olives are a no brainer when it comes to top quality pizzas. Bring them all, be it Kalamata, Canned Black Olives, Sundried Olives, they'll go amazingly well with anything Greek, Mediterranean or middle eastern. 

Black olives go well with chicken, oregano, tomates, feta cheese, spinach & tomato sauces.  


To Wrap Up...

Hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Of Most Underrated Pizza Topping In The Universe, I sincerely hope that this piece of content will inspire you to become a master at the art of homemade pizza cooking.

Feel free to comment below and let us know what is YOUR personal top 5 of the most underrated pizza toppings.

If you have any comments or questions about our pizza oven, we're always thrilled to assist !





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